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Brand advertising can go a long way in placing your company, products and services in front of your target market. But how can you ensure you’re maximizing your promotional advertising investment?

At OneNwon, we offer advertising ideas that use the right medium and ensure your business stands apart from the crowd. We can help you achieve both goals with effective golf marketing.

Why Golf Marketing?

Many business acquaintances and deals are made on the golf course. With more and more corporate executives playing a round on the links, golf tournaments present a promising network and advertising business opportunity. Companies of all sizes lend their name as tournament sponsors, donating shirts or golf balls as prizes. Advertising costs associated with such giveaways can add up, but to what end? A mention and a drive into a water hazard?

Consider instead golf marketing / advertising ideas that provide a great return on investment, such as a hole in one promotion. You can purchase affordable prize indemnity insurance and become a featured sponsor of any golf or charity event.

Business To Business Advertising On The Links

Hole in one insurance provides substantial promotional advertising benefits, network opportunities and more. Call or apply online for our cost-effective brand marketing rates!


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At OneNwon, we are golf marketing specialists who are focused on helping you get the most out of your sponsorship investment.

According to these hole in one prize winners, a hole in one prize is just icing on the cake!