Charity Golf Tournaments

Unique Charity Golf Tournament Ideas From OneNwon

Looking for new charity golf tournament ideas that are fun and unique? How about a hole in one competition? A driving range shootout? Or a putting contest as a charity fundraiser?

Event sponsorship can take care of generous prizes of cash, cars, trips and more, while your charity fundraiser benefits from increased interest, participation and donations! Here’s how…

Event Sponsorship That Offers Tangible Rewards

Fundraising for charity can prove difficult, especially if you are asking for donations without something in return. A hole in one competition or golfing contest at your charity golf event offers something for everyone:

  • Sponsoring company pays for affordable prize indemnity insurance while receiving the highest possible profile at your charity golf event.
  • Golfers have the opportunity to win a fantastic prize for that perfect shot.
  • Set up two holes on a green to better the odds at winning a prize for charity.
  • Your charity fundraiser can even receive a matching donation in the amount of the winning prize.

OneNwon – Experts In Fundraising For Charity

Now that you’ve read some of our charity golf tournament ideas, contact us for more information on how to turn these ideas into something unique. Fundraising for charity has never been easier!


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