Frequently Asked Questions

What information is needed to get a Hole in One online quote?

You need to complete the questions the questions that are asked on the online quote page as accurately as possible. If you are unsure of any questions please estimate to the best of your ability. The following are a few examples of questions that you may be unsure:

  • total number of players
  • yardage of the hole (must be 150 yards or longer)
  • dollar value amount and description of the prize (quote is based on dollar value and will be calculated accordingly)

Am I covered if I get a quote?

No, you are not covered by receiving a quote; however you can proceed to the next steps of completing the application and making your payment online by Visa or Mastercard to complete the transaction.

Can I buy Hole in One coverage online?

Yes, you can purchase your hole in one insurance coverage online by completing the application and making the necessary payment by Visa or Mastercard as provided. The payment processor is fully secured for your protection.

Can changes be made to the Hole in One coverage?

Yes, changes can be to your event coverage after the coverage has been bounded; however, these changes can only be done more than 48 hours prior by contacting OneNwon and receiving email confirmation that the change has been made from OneNwon.

Can block purchases be made?

Yes. A block purchase is a purchase of a large dollar value amount that can be distributed by the purchaser in smaller prize increments to the tournaments that they choose to sponsor. Please contact OneNwon directly at (phone number) if pricing and procedures.

What if the golf course only has 9 holes?

If you’re tournament is held on a 9 hole golf course, you must specify whether the covered hole is listed as the front or back nine hole of play. However, you can get prior approval from OneNwon to insure both the front and back holes of play at a higher premium.

Are mulligans or practice shots allowed?

No, the first golf shot of the player on the covered hole is the shot that is covered by OneNwon only. If there is a threesome in the tournament and the tourney rules allow a team member to hit a second shot on each hole, the player in question is covered for his first shot and the second shot would be considered a mulligan for the team under tournament rules.

What if the tournament is more than one day?

Each day’s 18 holes are considered one round. If the tournament is two or more days the hole in one coverage is for the designated day on the confirmation sheet, however coverage can be obtained for all days in question with prior approval from OneNwon (email and phone number).

Will the prize be awarded on the day of the event?

We recommend that no prize be awarded on the day of the event so that confirmation of the claim can be processed and approved under the terms and conditions of the hole in one coverage.

Are there hole monitor requirements?

Hole monitor requirements are based on the prize value. These requirements are covered under the terms and conditions.

Can there be more than winner on the covered hole?

No, the coverage is for the first player to achieve a hole in one on the targeted hole.

What if the tournament is cancelled or postponed?

At this time, no credits or cancellations are available online. If your tournament is postponed or cancelled, please contact OneNwon.

Does the closest to the pin receive a prize?

OneNwon does not award a prize for closest to the pin only if a tournament player makes a hole in one on the targeted hole during the course of the tournament. However, many tournaments do have a prize for closest to the pin from a designated sponsor(s).


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