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Golf advertising at charity and corporate tournaments is a popular marketing activity. Typically, companies choose golf promotional products and golf gifts as prizes. Reality is, while promotional gifts such as golf balls and shirts serve an advertising purpose, they are enjoyed by a select few and often tossed in the bottom of a golf bag.

If you want to earn the best return on your golf advertising investment, consider sponsoring a hole in one. Unlike traditional golf promotional items, a hole in one contest with a large cash prize can generate a great deal of excitement, capturing attention – and retention – of the sponsor’s name.

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Compare the marketing benefits of hole in one sponsorship over the usual golf gifts. Prize indemnity insurance is affordable and lucrative. Company representatives greet golfers in person at the designated hole, professional signage provided by OneNwon advertises your name, and just imagine how exciting it would be to hand over a cheque for $10,000 or more at the tournament wrap-up. All those other promotional advertising gifts wouldn’t even compare!

This is the one of the best new marketing promotional ideas around. Check out our website, then contact us. It’s golf advertising that pays!


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According to these hole in one prize winners, a hole in one prize is just icing on the cake!