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Golf Marketing Ideas From Event Marketing Specialists

Are you a corporate executive or small business owner looking for new marketing promotional ideas that will increase your profile in the business community? Participation in a golf tournament provides a worthwhile network marketing business opportunity. Or, want an even better brand marketing solution?

Sponsor a hole in one, shootout or putting competition with impressive prizes!

A Hole In One Promotion – The Best Brand Marketing Solution

The best marketing ideas give you exposure and network opportunities. When you sponsor a hole in one contest, your company name becomes a feature of any golf tournament. It’s event marketing that’s easy, effective and lucrative.

When you purchase inexpensive prize indemnity insurance from OneNwon, you take advantage of an incredible network marketing business opportunity by greeting golfers at your hole. The shoot-out draws even more attention to your brilliant event marketing efforts. Then, just imagine the benefits when your company hands over a cheque for the big prize. The best part? You get all the credit; OneNwon does all the work.

Companies pay marketing agencies top dollar for advertising and golf marketing strategies. All the expertise you need for hole in one insurance comes from OneNwon. Contact us or apply online. For the best new marketing promotional ideas, look no further than OneNwon.


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According to these hole in one prize winners, a hole in one prize is just icing on the cake!